I'm Fine, Triple A

“Count to ten, take deep breaths, walk away. I’ve tried it all. It doesn’t stop the anger and it doesn’t reduce my fears of hurting the ones I love”

Jenny, Triple A

With one parent in prison and another family member involved in criminal activity, the YMCA was the safe place that Jenny needed to focus on her own future.

Evan, Young Carer

“Sometimes things are really hard and I get sad, but the staff taught me how to look after my brain, because it can get poorly too if I don’t look after it.”

Hannah, Young Adult Carer

Before Hannah got help from YMCA Sutton Coldfield, her caring responsibilities were affecting her self-esteem, college work and social life.

Adam, Young Carer

“It was scary when Mum got ill, I didn’t know what to do”

Rosa, Resident

“My mum didn’t give me any love and affection and I thought it was my fault, that I wasn’t good enough for anybody to care about me.”

Kieran, Resident

“I was in a bad place when I first came to the YMCA…they’ve really helped me get back on my feet”

Gary, Stepping Up

Gary has a learning disability and since ending his formal education, had begun to feel isolated and lonely. Read how the YMCA helped his social skills to flourish and to find a life-long friend.

Siobhan Smith-Inniss

“I absolutely love my job as a Youth Worker because it’s my chance to give young people the external support I never had.”