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Meet The Hosts

Host: Nikai

Host: Aoife

Host: Dan

Why Teens Podcast Segments

Youth Truth: Fun & Weird Facts

Teen Lowdown: Teen News from around the World

Win or Bin: A game where the hosts decide between 2 things

Why Oh Why: The main segment of the podcast

Adolescent Active Accountments (AAA): Places in Birmingham suitable for teens to get active

Confessions of a Teen: You can write in Confessions & the Hosts will give you some advice

Top 5: A game where our hosts play against each other to get the Top 5 of a category

How to Listen/ Watch The Podcast

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Episode 3: Childhood vs Adulthood

Episode 4: Fame Hungry?

Episode 5: Pride & Proud

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Episode 1: Next Gen - Teen Takeover

Episode 2: Love or Romance