If I can help young people to achieve their dreams, then I will have achieved my own.

Siobhan, Youth Worker

I’ve always wanted to work with children and young people. Sadly, my dreams were crushed by a teacher; the very role I had aspired to do. She told me that because I had dyslexia, I was stupid and would never teach or work with young people. 

So I decided to prove her wrong. I’ve been working at the YMCA as a Youth Worker for over 2 years now and I’m currently in my 3rd year of University studying Primary Education. 

But my journey wasn’t easy. Without support from my teachers, I rebelled at school and left with just 3 GCSEs. I desperately wanted someone to talk to and offer support but there wasn’t any Youth Work provision in my area at that time. However, I quickly realised I wasn’t going anywhere without qualifications, so with a renewed outlook (and a strong ‘talking to’ from my Mum) I retook my GCSEs, aced my A Levels and secured a place at Uni.

I absolutely love my job as a Youth Worker because it’s my chance to give young people the external support I never had. I particularly enjoy working with the younger age groups because there’s a real opportunity to support them during a critical phase of their development and to get that support in place before they hit tough times.  

I feel privileged and inspired to be working with and connecting with so many amazing young people. If I can help them to achieve their dreams, then I will have achieved my own.