I love coming to the YMCA; I’ve made loads of friends, the staff are really good and you can talk to them really easily. Plus we get to do loads of fun trips like Elan Valley. I loved that trip so much I didn’t want to go home!

Jenny, Youth Club Member

Jenny is 11 years old. When Jenny first joined the project, she would engage with staff well but was reluctant to discuss life at home. It became clear that Jenny was experiencing some difficulties.

In order to build trust, we began weekly life coaching sessions and before long, Jenny slowly began to open up. With one parent in prison and another family member involved in criminal activity, Jenny’s situation was incredibly sad and challenging for her but we were able to provide the safe space that Jenny needed to talk things through. 

Jenny was able to benefit from day trips as well as residential trips which gave her some time away from home and some space of her own. 

Over time and through intensive family support we were able to help Jenny and her family to start building their relationship. 

Jenny has now developed leadership qualities and improved communication skills and has been able to find the courage to talk about her own worries and concerns. Jenny has also become an advocate for our Triple A Youth Work project and expresses how much happier she is at home. 

From a difficult home life, with little support, Jenny now has a support network in place and the space away from home to focus on building a bright future for herself.  

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