It’s the first week of lockdown and I’m already wondering when I will be able to leave my house without being scared of catching the coronavirus. Will we ever be able to leave our homes without the fear of catching this deadly virus which has killed so many people? When will we go back to school? When will life be normal again? These are the questions everyone is asking, but there are no answers to.
Panic buying has started, people are fighting in shops over tissue rolls. Boris Johnson said not to meet up with friends and stay at home, he never said tissue was going to run out or to buy all the pasta off the shelves. The world has gone mad, we are living through history. In 2045 the GCSE questions will be asking how many tissue rolls were sold during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.
What happens to the elderly, the poor and people who have lost their jobs because of this virus, what are they going to do? How are they going to manage? How will people on low incomes pay for bills, food and other things they need? These are the questions that need to answered.
Thanks to the frontline workers such as doctors, nurses and other people who work risking their lives everyday to treat people with Coronavirus. Thanks to the people who are staying home in this pandemic. We are all in this together, stay at home, thank you.

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