Our staff are incredibly passionate about the work they do and have all had an amazing journey into their role at their local community charity. Read their stories here.

Kirsty Burden, Youth Work Project Manager

“Not everyone grows up with a parent as their cheerleader, so I thought, why don’t I be a cheerleader?”

Siobhan Smith-Inniss, Area Lead Youth Worker

“I absolutely love my job as a Youth Worker because it’s my chance to give young people the external support I never had.”

Gez Nicholson, Maintenance Worker

I’m so very grateful to the YMCA for giving me my life back.”


Alexandra, EVS Volunteer

“The YMCA Sutton Coldfield has given me a truly amazing life experience. I’ve had many, many memorable moments that took my breath away and I will never forget the incredible stories of the families I worked with.”