Yo, I’m speaking from my heart,
The feelings riding me like a go kart.
People tell me I’m not gonna get far,
And the thoughts feel like it tearing me apart,
And people be throwing insults at me like darts.
They are trying to hit the bullseye.
50 points for catching me at my worst time.
That is motivation for my rhymes,
I get deep in thoughts and leave no ties,
And I’ve been thinking about all sorts,
My flaws, insecurities and I’mma end up on the floor.
When I throw a fit, I feel like kicking down a door,
Or even punching holes in my wall.
I don’t wanna think that deep,
I’ll be tryna fit in like a sheep.
Sometimes I feel like I’m dying inside,
And yes I did take that to my mind,
Sometimes I even think about committing suicide.

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