What we do

Our Stepping Up programme aims to promote independence in young adults aged 18+ with learning disabilities. Our goal is to empower and enable young people to live a more fulfilled life. 

We offer informal education and life skills training as a follow on from college and secondary school as well as providing opportunities for development, work experience and leisure. 

We take a personalised approach with our young people, working with each individual to assess their needs and identify how we can help them develop and grow. 

Whether it’s helping someone to overcome something that is particularly challenging  for them or getting families the support they are entitled to, we enable our young people to reach the next step in their life whatever that step might be.


We are currently running a limited service due to Covid-19. Services are currently a mixture of virtual and small scale workshops.

How we work

We have an informal, interactive and collaborative approach and we offer a wide range of activities and learning opportunities. Above all, we have fun!


  • Weekly drama lesson  at Highbury Little Theatre in Boldmere 
  • Acting, singing, dancing and performance skills with a qualified drama teacher 
  • Opportunity to take part in theatre productions twice a year, as well as performances to local schools 


  • Weekly practical cooking session 
  • Basic cookery skills as well as more advanced dishes 
  • Nutrition and healthy eating advice 



  • Weekly keep fit session at a local gym and swimming pool (opportunity to go swimming, use gym equipment or take part in exercise classes)
  • Wellbeing courses on topics such as sex education – Life coaching


  • Opportunities and training for voluntary work placements 
  • Career talks (visits from professionals)  
  • Advocacy facilitation and support through partnerships with local advocacy agencies such as Advocacy Matters 
  • Gardening at local allotment 
  • Participation in YMCA Sutton Coldfield Fruitful Communities Project


  • Days out in the local community to promote independence 
  • Transport and travel training and journey planning 
  • Opportunity to practise social skills such as ordering and paying for food 
  • Money management  & budgeting


  • Themed arts and crafts 
  • Poetry 
  • Painting 
  • Jewellery making 
  • Chance to get creative and hands on e.g. furniture restoration

What you need to know

We run Monday to Friday every week with the exception of bank holidays. We are open during school holidays but we are closed for 4 weeks during the year however advanced notice of these dates are given to all parents, carers and service users. You can choose to attend as many days as you wish. Some of our group attend every day and others come a couple of days per week. 


10am – 4pm every day




Pricing system ranging from £35-75/day. This is dependent on level of need. An individual assessment will take place to establish the level of support, with a service level agreement being put in place for each service user. (excludes meals and transport)

  • £35 per day- 1:5 ratio level support (young person can work in a group of 5 young people with 1 member of staff)
  • £50 per day- 1:3 ration level support (young person works better in a smaller more focused group of 3 young people with 1 member of staff)
  • £75 per day- 1:1 ratio level of support (young person requires high level of support throughout the day, this may be for personal care, or for support with tasks)

We can also provide tailored advice and signposting to relevant organisations that can help with financial support to pay for the cost of our services.


As some of our activities involve public transport, we recommend a bus pass (a concessionary 5-year bus pass is available from Travel West Midlands). If you don’t have a bus pass, please bring bus fare with you. 


Please bring a packed lunch with you and any snacks you require 


We recommend bringing a small amount of money (suggested amount £3) to pay for any additional activities whilst we are out and about in the community.


SOCIAL AWARENESS AND ETIQUETTE – Socialisation in a safe and supported environment.

EXPERIENCES – Experience days out and trips away. Examples include theatre trips, residential weekends away in London and Wales, camping trips and overnight stays in a hotel.

SUPPORT INTO INDEPENDENT LIVING – We work with families to facilitate independent living where possible and as required.

VOLUNTEERING / WORK OPPORTUNITIES – Get work experience through volunteering. We have links with local companies providing opportunities for voluntary placements.  

LIFE SKILLS – Learn to cook, improve domestic skills, travel independently, be an active member of the community.

WIDE RANGE OF ACTIVITIES – Gym and swim, drama, cooking, arts and crafts, days out

SUPPORT INTO INDEPENDENT LIVING – We work with families to facilitate independent living where possible and as required.

FRIENDSHIP – Make new friends and have fun in a supporting and inclusive environment.

Stepping Up has been a lifeline to my son. He finished college with a bleak outlook for the future and became depressed and withdrawn. Since joining the programme, my son has learnt to cook and in particular enjoys swimming and gym sessions. His independence has grown to the point where he has asked about moving into supported living; a massive milestone. As a family, we can’t thank YMCA Sutton Coldfield enough.

Father of Stepping Up Member

Call or email us to arrange an initial visit where you can come and meet the team and have a look around. 

To sign up, you will just need to fill out a short registration form and from there, we will process your application and help you to setup your payment arrangements.