People at my old school thought I was weird because I’m quiet. They whispered behind my back calling me names like “freak” and “loner” like I’m some attraction at the circus. They made assumptions about me before even knowing my name, before getting to know me for me and not just what they saw. They made fun of me for not having any friends, but never tried to make friends with me. They thought what they said didn’t hurt me, but it did. It hurt a lot. I cried everyday as quiet as possible, alone so no one could hear me.
One day I had enough, I tried to end it. Luckily my mom walked in and stopped me, we started to cry. We had a long talk about school and what was going on and she told my teacher.
Eventually, the word got around about my attempt. Thinking it would all change for the better I couldn’t have been more wrong…
More names, more rumours, more tears. All I could hear throughout the day was “attention seeker”. No one did anything to help other than one short letter that was handed out about bullying.
Once again I had enough but instead went online and found a number I could call, a mental health hotline. I spoke to someone for hours about my situation and they helped a lot more than expected. We discussed what I could do and we decided it was best if I moved schools. I told my mom and she agreed. About a week later I had moved to a new school and instantly made friends who accepted me for me and some even understood what I went through. From moving school I joined Virtually Minded, I have never gone back to that dark place. It has helped me so much, the support, but also supporting others who are going through what I did. I’m much happier now and glad I had someone to talk to even if it was only for a few hours.

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