I go by the name Marni, I’m 17 years old and I got involved with the YMCA through a friend and joined the Virtually Minded mental health project.
I wish people would understand that battling mental health isn’t something you HAVE to do on your own, there will always be people willing to you support, that’s the most important thing I learnt from the project. Speak to your friends, family and youth workers.
A life lesson I have learnt is that if you’re like me and you struggle with social anxiety, the best way to overcome it is to sometimes face your fears and socialise more. Meet with your friends at youth club and have a laugh.
I want people to know that the staff on the Virtually Minded Project are extremely understanding and are supportive no matter the circumstances. They support you through everything.

For more information about Virtually Minded, contact Hannah on 07879 794319 or hannahcleveley@ymcasc.org.uk