This Consent Form is for Children and Young People who attended YMCA activities at Falcon Lodge in partnership with Compass Support and Birmingham Youth Service
The form doesn't accept special digits. For example, if your child's DOB is 12/06/2010 please just write 12062010
Please fill out your address including house number, road name, area, city and postcode
Asthma, Eczema, Medication, etc.
This includes ADHD, Autism, Sensory Issues etc.
Please fill this information correctly so we are able to know in advance your child's dietary requirements
Is there anything Staff should be aware of about your child? For Example: My child doesn't eat much throughout the day due to medication
Please fill out an Additional Emergency Contact details. This person need to be different to the Main Contact but over the age 18
* Please read each one and tick if you are happy to give your consent ----------- Information Sharing: Compass Support Services is a registered charity (1068324) and the charitable arm of The Pioneer Group. Compass Support Services provides a wide range of community focused services, projects and initiatives to local individuals. The personal information that you provide will be processed safely and securely by Compass Support Services for the purpose of enrolling you on, to ensure that you are appropriately supported and your welfare needs are met. We may, for some fund providers (for example charitable trusts, social funds, educational grants, lottery funding), have to share some of your personal data with them to account for the funds received and to demonstrate the delivery of a specific project. Strict control measures are in place to ensure that only the minimum amount of information is safely shared, and where possible, we will endeavour to remove any information that directly identifies you. For further information as to how Compass Support Services uses, stores and processes your personal information we recommend that you read our Privacy Policy available on our website (
* Please read each one and tick the one you are happy to consent to