18 December 2017

Christmas came early this week for a group of Young Carers attending the YMCA Sutton Coldfield Release Project on Saturday 16th December. Carers received gorgeous gift boxes donated by members of the local Sutton & Boldmere community containing essential toiletries as well as a few extra treats in time for Christmas.

The YMCA Carers Case Box appeal, now in its second year, is coordinated with help from Boldmere Computers who kindly promote the campaign and collect the boxes on behalf of the YMCA Sutton Coldfield to give to families in need.

This year, the YMCA Sutton Coldfield has provided vital support and respite for over 200 vulnerable young carers, preventing 84 young carers from reaching crisis point. Through intensive family support, respite opportunities and one-to-one coaching, the YMCA helps local young carers to thrive and overcome feelings of isolation, whilst supporting them in their caring role and helping to keep families together.

Alan Burrows, Project Manager and founder of the campaign tells us more “We are overwhelmed by the response from Sutton and Boldmere residents to this year’s campaign. Young Carers can often feel isolated and unsupported but this show of support from local residents will help them feel part of a community that really cares.

On behalf of the YMCA and all the families we work with, we’d like to say a huge thank you to Boldmere Computers and to everyone who contributed gifts; your kindness makes a real difference and will show our young carers and their families that they’re not alone.”

Over 30 boxes were collected and distributed between Younger Carers who attend the YMCA Release Project and young adult carers attending Release Upbeat Project for adults up to the age of 25.

One of the Mums whose son received a Christmas box tells us what it means to her and her family “My son is only 12 but I rely on him a lot to help me look after his brother and sister who both have special needs so he really deserves a treat. We struggle financially, so to receive such a thoughtful gift means I have one less thing to worry about. We are very grateful to have the support of the YMCA and our local community.”