7 years you called me trash
7 years you hit me with a baseball bat
7 years you made my life a living hell
7 years it was time to ring the bell
Remember when you harassed me in front of the class
When you slapped me in the face a called me whack
I was alone and I couldn’t tell anyone on the phone
The only people I could tell was my own
7 years later I am no longer alone
And now I can stand up on my own
Now I can help people who suffered like me
To help them stand up on their own two feet
Shout out to Virtually Minded who have helped me express
These feelings that I always kept so suppressed
It’s good to talk if you’re feeling depressed
Don’t let the feelings build up and make you stressed

For more information about Virtually Minded, contact Hannah on 07879 794319 or hannahcleveley@ymcasc.org.uk.