Young Carers Transition Service

Are you 14-18 years old? Do you live with someone who has a illness, disability or addiction? Struggling to balance home, school and friends? We can help you.

The transition into adulthood is hard for everyone, but having to balance caring for someone at home on top of that can be overwhelming. Upbeat Teens is designed to support you through this, whether that be moving into higher education or work. It also gives you the opportunity to meet other Young Carers and make new friends. 

We also offer schools/colleges the opportunity to be supported in the achievement of “The Young Carers In Schools” Award. 

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We offer a range of services with the aim to help you to; achieve better qualifications; access higher education, college, apprenticeships and training courses; and ultimately to achieve a stable, meaningful career enabling you to provide a happy home for yourself and your family. We aim to empower you and your family and support you with current and future aspirations. 


As a part of our project, we offer 1-2-1 life coaching. This process will support you to:

  • Build coping strategies
  • Overcome obstacles in your life which are blocking achievement of plans or ambitions
  • Harness new confidence
  • Develop a range of life skills

This will instil life-long foundations, strengthening your ability to deal with challenges independently, now and in the future. 

You will meet with your personal coach on a monthly basis for 1-1.5 hours over a 12 month period. This could be in school at lunchtimes or breaks, or out of school at a time and location that suits you. 


We also offer the opportunity to make friends with other Young Carers attending Upbeat Teens. Our respite sessions are completely led by what the young people want to do. This could include:

  • Cooking
  • Gaming (Consoles, cards etc)
  • Art activities 
  • Day trips
  • Film night
  • Short breaks away (previous trips include surfing in Cornwall, skiing in France, visiting the Scottish Islands and many more)

Most of our sessions will provide snacks/drinks and we offer drop-off and pick-up services (pre-booking required)


Our school engagement programme aims to support schools and colleges to achieve “The Young Carers in Schools” Award, which is built on 5 standards. 


There are assigned members of staff with responsibility for understanding and addressing young carers needs


Awareness is raised by sharing knowledge about disability, illness and young carers throughout the school


Young carers are being identified within your school


They are listened to, consulted with and given time and space to talk


Young carers are supported within the school, and signposted to whole family resources and services outside the school

Research shows that young carers have significantly lower educational attainment at GCSE level – an average of one grade lower than their peers. They are also less likely to be in education, employment or training between 16 and 19.

The Young Carers in Schools programme aims to provide schools with the tools and resources to support young carers and reduce these negative impacts, giving them the same access to education and future life chances as their peers.

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