International Youth Exchange

As part of our international work and thanks to funding from Erasmus Plus and Ecorys UK, we have partnered with Bethlehem Bible College and YMCA Jerusalem to enable a series of international youth exchanges to Israel, Palestine and the UK. These cultural exchanges bring together people from the UK and Palestine, encouraging peace and respect between young people regardless of their background or beliefs.

The annual exchanges alternate between a trip to Palestine and hosting young Palestinians in the UK. These cultural visits, enable young people to enrich their historical, religious and political knowledge at a time when young people are getting more and more involved in politics. 

June 2017 – Youth exchange to Israel and Palestine

17 young local people had the opportunity to visit Palestine and Israel during a 6-night trip which included a visit to a women’s empowerment group within a refuge as well as sightseeing in areas of religious significance such as Jerusalem and Bethlehem and camping in the desert under the stars. 

June 2018 – Palestinian Visit to Sutton Coldfield

15 young Palestinians (aged 18 to 25) visited Sutton Coldfield as the reciprocal youth exchange to last year’s trip to Palestine. For most of the group, it was the first time they had ever been to another country. Many of the group had never even left Bethlehem before, making the visit a phenomenal achievement against the challenging backdrop of the ongoing geographic situation in Palestine.

This visit aimed to bring people from the UK and Palestine together, creating “agents of peace” to promote harmony and to challenge stereotypes in an informal learning environment.

June 2019 – 2nd Youth Exchange to Israel and Palestine

In June 2019, we will be taking another group of 15 young people to Israel and Palestine.

I’m immensely proud of the project and what it’s trying to achieve. Under difficult circumstances, we’ve brought together a group of people from very different backgrounds to challenge cultural stereotypes and promote peace.

Sinead Frith

To find out more about our International work, contact Sinead Frith on 0121 354 5614.