Introducing our new initiative – Local Leading Ladies. Our Girls Move volunteers are searching for local women who are inspirational. Here, we spoke to Maria Lopes, a local hero who recently helped save a mans life.
Name: Maria Lopes
Area: Erdington
Age: 43 (but I prefer 33!)
What were your favourite sports as a child?
Basketball and football.
What is your favourite form of physical activity?
Running. I run for the bus, I run to school to get my kids, I run everywhere. I run away from bad people, and sometimes I run towards people to help them.
What are your thoughts on body positivity and self esteem?
Accept yourself, if you’re happy you can do anything.
What advice would you give young women?
On body image? Accept yourself. Don’t trust social media, everything is beautiful. Believe in karma, help others.
To read about how Maria saved a mans life by performing lifesaving first aid, click here.

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