Lockdown is one of the worst things that happened to the UK. You’re stuck inside for weeks, days and months with barely entertainment, you can only go outside for exercise or going to the shops to get food and supplies so you can survive the virus. A lot of people in the UK are seriously freaking out over the virus, and some got the virus. Boris Johnson has it, but he’s coping with it and a few others have it, but it’s hard for them to treat because doctors don’t want to get it. Lockdown/quarantine makes me feel as if I’m in prison where I can only use the toilet and get food. The thing is I want to go outside, go to school, I want to see my friends face-to-face etc. I wish the scientists could work a bit faster so humankind can be free again…
Although the weather outside is warm, the sun is shining and animals seem to be enjoying life out there. Because of no pollution, less poachers killing animal and good air for them to breath in. When people are outside they change everything on the earth hurting and a majority of people are trying to save the Earth. Anyway lockdown isn’t good, because you can barely interact with people and barely have enough supplies to work things out. Personally for me I don’t think you need to worry, because things will completely come out the right way, all you need is patience, exercise, food and love.
Personally for me, the lockdown makes me feel as if I am in an insane asylum. I can go outside, but only going to get food that could last, but most of the time I’m in my home, depressed and with a lot of anxiety. My mother always tells me to wash my hands when I dropped off some food and to wash letters and already cooked food because she says “you don’t know who’s been touching it”-that quote gets me annoyed every single day. I want to go back to school and make humankind normal again because I hate how we’re all in the house barely doing anything.

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