Often, the young people we meet through the Release Project are not progressing at school, they’re excluded or threatened with exclusion. So we work with local schools, social services and with other professionals in the community to raise awareness of young carers and the struggles they face on a daily basis. 

Common issues

  • Feeling isolated
  • Needing help in the home
  • Not having the time to ‘be young’ 
  • Not knowing how to cope when they get scared. 

Commons signs to look for 

  • Poor attendance or lateness particularly first thing in the morning (this can be a result of having to take younger siblings to school or take care of Mum or Dad first thing in the morning)
  • Lack of progression at school, no time for homework etc
  • Reluctance to take part in extra-curricular activities

How you can help

If you know someone that is a Young Care, you can help them feel that they are not alone:

  • Listen. Let them talk.
  • Don’t judge. Show compassion.
  • Refer. YMCA Sutton Coldfield can help.

In our experience, young carers often have unstable family relationships, with unemployed parents on low income. Release offers a holistic approach, encompassing support for all aspects of a young carer’s life. Our services promote the physical and emotional wellbeing of young carers, helping them to thrive whilst keeping families together:

Release gave me the chance to just be a kid and have fun. I never realised how much I needed that.

Amy, Young Carer

Our services and support:

  • Intensive and tailored family support
  • Regular respite at our weekly youth clubs
  • Fun and exciting day trips and activities
  • Residential respite breaks  e.g. skiing and camping trips
  • Days out
  • Confidential 1:1 support and life coaching
  • Confidence building
  • Opportunity to make new friends
  • School support and drop-in sessions
  • Awareness raising workshops / assemblies
  • Signposting to other resources and organisations

Get in touch to make a referral or to book in a school drop-in session:

T: 0121 354 5614

M: 07546 532 345

E: releaseyoungcarers@ymcasc.org.uk